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  F1-SEVEN - '77 Marinho F1 Team now available
The obscure 1977 Marinho Formula One cars have been released for F1 Challenge. They require the 1977 mod to be installed first.

Whilst the car never became a reality, the team's roots are based in the 1974 BIP Lola 2-litre sportscar project, which wanted to move on to F1 in 1975. This never materialized when the BIP bank was nationalized following political unrest in Portugal in 1974, but in 1976 the project was still alive, with a planned debut at the 1977 Spanish Grand Prix.

The car was a sculpted, arrow-shaped Cosworth kit-car that looked far ahead of it's time, sporting a shovel nose and radiators well to the back of the car, in Brabham BT52 fashion. The car featured a number of unusual and unique features, including a V-damper setup for the suspension, the use of 8 smaller brake discs (4 onboard and 4 outboard). The team also boasted 'a cylinder head of revolutionary design, which increases the power of 480 HP to around 650-700 HP." How this was to be achieved was never revealed.

Two drivers were selected from the 1974 Team BIP Sports-car team, Mário "Nicha" Cabral (4 Grand Prix starts) and Carlos Santos (0 Grand Prix starts).

The team can be downloaded from the Downloads Section.
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