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  F1-SEVEN - '73 and '74 DSC Motorsports F1 cars now available
The 1973 and 1974 DSC Motorsports F1 cars have been released for F1 Challenge. They require the F1-Seven 1973 and 1974 mods to be installed first.

1973 DSC M01A

The 1973 car shows up at 3 events.

1974 DSC M01B & M01B Low Downforce

The 1974 car shows up at all European races. The Low-downforce spec (right) shows up at the French and Italian Grand Prix.

Both cars can be downloaded from the Downloads Section.
Posted by dragonsteincole on Monday 21 October 2013 - 00:12:17printer friendly create pdf of this news item
  PADDOCK NEWS - Round 1

Editor's Notes: Covering Round 1 of the F1-S-R 1975 Vintage F1 Season. Recap of the race events, and interviews with some of the main drivers in the race. Also, a review of the debuting drivers, and a final message for a series and forum regular, who had a good excuse to miss the race.

The layout was still very basic at this point, ideas were still forming as to how to improve and add something new to this, these changes would appear in the next issue...
Posted by dragonsteincole on Friday 02 August 2013 - 13:44:05printer friendly create pdf of this news item
  1972 DSC BT34

Race Results:

VII Race of Champions
19 March 1972 - Brands Hatch

Qualified: 12th
Finished: 10th

XXIV GEN/Daily Express BRDC International Trophy
23 April 1972 - Silverstone

Qualified: 9th
Finished: 12th

XIX International Gold Cup
29 May 1972 - Oulton Park

Qualified: 18th
Finished: DNF (Gearbox linkage)

British Grand Prix
15 July 1972 - Silverstone

Qualified: 17th
Finished: 12th (27 Laps of 40)

Rothmans 50,000
28 August 1972 - Brands Hatch

Qualified: 12th
Finished: 7th

World Championship Victory Race
22 October 1972 - Brands Hatch

Qualified: 11th
Finished: DNF (Suspension)
Posted by dragonsteincole on Saturday 27 July 2013 - 19:17:55printer friendly create pdf of this news item
  PADDOCK NEWS - Season preview

Editor's Notes: This is the 'preview' issue for F1-S-R's 1975 Vintage F1 Season, after a successful 1974 season. Peter Blom was the 1974 champion, hence making a big story out of his switch.

This was the first attempt at a PDF version, so whilst looking quite plain, it helped me decide this was the right choice to take for future issues. It also marked me starting to interview people specifically, rather than taking tidbits from the forums and re-purposing them.
Posted by dragonsteincole on Thursday 18 July 2013 - 19:20:39printer friendly create pdf of this news item
  1971 DSC BT33

Race Results:

VI Champion Spark Plugs/Daily Mail Race of Champions
21 March 1971 - Brands Hatch

Qualified: 15th
Finished: DNF (Engine)

Rothmans/Daily Express International Spring Trophy
9 April 1971 - Oulton Park

Qualified: 11th
Finished: 8th (27 Laps of 40)

XXIII GEN/Daily Express BRDC International Trophy
8 May 1971 - Silverstone

Qualified: 22nd
Race: 19th (Aggregate - 43 Laps)

British Grand Prix
17 July 1971 - Silverstone

Qualified: 19th
Race: 13th (-5 Laps)

XVIII International Gold Cup
22 August 1971 - Oulton Park

Qualified: DNQ (Engine)
Race: DNS (Engine)
Posted by dragonsteincole on Wednesday 17 July 2013 - 00:19:00printer friendly create pdf of this news item
  What is 'PADDOCK NEWS'?
Dateline: December 2012

I'd been intrigued by videos a friend had shown me, they were highlight videos of a racing league he was taking part in. It was the 1974 Formula 1 Season mod for rFactor, hosted by F1-S-R and that era of Formula One is something i'm falling terribly in love with (more on that in a future post). So when he mentioned there were spaces open to race in it, I dived in headfirst and made my 'debut' in Round 3 of their championship.

The video of Round 3, I am driving the white/green 'Pinch Plant' car.

It was love at first sight. I was surprisingly competitive and finished my first race, and more importantly found the community of racers to be very welcoming. Friendly people willing to help someone new out, so it was a refreshing change from the usual business of 'figure it out yourself, stranger'.

After the next round, one of the leading drivers, Peter Blom, started a thread called 'PADDOCK NEWS', and was reporting on the races in a very Autosport-style. I.E these were 'real' races, and not 30 dudes playing a game. The style is something I try to do in skin-making and in crafting my DSC Motorsports team's history - trying to be authentic enough that a casual viewer would mistake it for something real at first glance. So to see someone else embrace this idea was cool to see.

I offered to Peter that I would make a cover for him to use. It was well received, and we started to talk about it a little more... then one thing led to another, and by the next 'issue', I was running the whole thing!

For that 1974 Season, it bounced around a little, going from big stories, to just headlines, and everywhere between. But for the upcoming 1975 Season, I decided that if I was to continue doing it, i'd have to make it worth reading. Which is where I began to make an actual 'magazine' out of it, instead of just a forum post. Pictures were added, racers were interviewed for the magazine itself to add something new, the covers were increased in size and made into a proper template for easier editing. Finally, I turned it into a PDF so people could download it, and the feedback so far has been amazing from the league members.

My intentions of posting it here are numerous, but mainly so that people outside of the F1-S-R Forums and Leagues can see and read it for themselves, and hopefully bring more love and attention to a league and site that is very deserving of it.
Posted by dragonsteincole on Monday 15 July 2013 - 16:05:17printer friendly create pdf of this news item
  This website
I've figured that I would give my site some focus now, give it a direction and more importantly give it some content.

It's mainly going to focus on the online races I do, either solo, or under the name of DSC Motorsports. This can range from race reports from online racing leagues, to new cars I paint or create as DSC Motorsports cars, or other paint-jobs I have done for other people that I am particularly proud of. It will start with current events, but I will make an effort to go back and document previous events.

In addition, I will also be posting a fanzine I make for download. It is called PADDOCK NEWS, and is a Autosport-like magazine for the F1-S-R 1975 Vintage Racing League. It's something I am very proud to work on and look to be expanding on the idea in the future.
Posted by dragonsteincole on Sunday 14 July 2013 - 23:03:12printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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