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DSC Motorsports Park
Author dragonsteincole
Author website
Description A track originally created for rFactor, that was finished and finalised for F1 Challenge. Created in 2012, this is now finally getting an official release here.

This file requires an additional download that is hosted off-site by Lee67. This is required for the sky and horizon to display. You can find the file here:

"The track was originally incorporated in 1956, and took place mainly on the roads around Rosehill Park in Sutton, England. A minor infield section (from the Crown Road Hairpin to the entry to Bonnier) was used but the majority of the straights were the B-roads that surrounded the track on both sides and the 'roundabout' end. In the early 1970s it nearly suffered the same fate as the Crystal Palace circuit, that mounting safety concerns threatening to render the circuit as little more than a footnote in the history books. Yet in the Summer of 1972 it was saved by a local consortium, made up of a number of local garages and motorsport enthusiasts in the local area, one of those being DSC Coachworks. With John Cole stumping up enough equity, the track was renamed DSC Coachworks circuit after the company initially, then a few years later settled on the name DSC Motorsports Park.

Money was invested into the track to keep it to an acceptable safety standard, and both banked sections created at this time to replace the crowned roads and intersections that linked the other parts of the track, although attempts to tempt a major event there proved initially fruitless. The track did however attract a number of club events, and an occasional meet-and-greet with 'local boy' James Hunt (born up the road in Belmont), which attracted greater crowds as Hunt became more successful in F1 in '74 and '75. DSC Motorsports used the track as their base as their forays into F1 grew more serious, although the circuit never made much of a profit.

The track struggled on until it finally closed in 1993, after the death of John Cole and the closure of the Coachworks. Not with some sadness was the track sold off, although with the F1 team having moved out a decade before, the land value proved to be too much to pass up, and helped keep the team afloat for the timebeing. Now, in 2016, the land has partly returned to park, although a substantial amount was turned into housing estates and small commercial properties. Sadder still, no remnants of the former circuit are left, not even a renamed street to signify the heritasge the area once had."
Filesize 31.7 MB
Date Saturday 09 July 2016 - 20:34:46
Downloads 316
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